Do you feel at home in your body?

Why Bodies?

Our physical bodies are the one home we truly have that we live in for our entire lives. Yet, societal norms place more value on bodies based on gender, race, ableism, age, and more. Throughout history, women have not been afforded body autonomy and, no matter our background, have struggled with feeling at home in them. Feelings of displacement and unworthiness are common and for QTBIPOC bodies, these experiences are heightened to a level that creates real harm. 

The Project

This project is a deep exploration of what it is like for women to live in different bodies, particularly in bodies that exist in intersectionality. Through interviews, writing exercises and disembodied portraits, participants will share their personal experiences of what it’s like to live in their specific bodies. Through these stories, the project intends to explore the impact of patriarchy, systemic racism and other forms of inequality on individuals.

Social Impact

Through community centered art shows, interactive storytelling events, workshops and panel discussions, this project intends to facilitate honest in-person conversations that challenge commonly held beliefs about how we are expected to live in our bodies and what makes one more worthy than another.

Interested in participating?

If you are woman identifying or nonbinary and live in a marginalized body, please click on the button below to complete the form on Google Forms. Priority will be given to BIPOC, queer, trans and disabled bodies.

Please note that this project will include disembodied portraits (no head) in undergarments and will include components beyond the portrait. Interviews, writing exercises and community gatherings are all important aspects of the project.

Have questions? Contact Judy at


While only 8-10 bodies will be selected for this project, the exhibition, which will be held in November/December 2024, will be a community centered one. We will be putting out a call for art around the theme "Home in My Body" to be exhibited alongside this project. There will also be community events throughout the exhibition to provide a platform for writers, poets and storytellers to share their experiences of living in their bodies. Please follow on instagram @webelongseattle or subscribe to the newsletter below to keep up to date.


This project is made possible with a grant from the Northwest Film Forum's  Collective Power Fund, funded through the Warhol Foundation regional regranting program.