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Art Projects

“If we want a beloved community, we must stand for justice, have recognition for difference without attaching difference to privilege.”


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february 2024

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Judy Lee (she/her)

Portrait Artist & Storyteller

Artist Statement

How can the art of portraiture illuminate our understanding of ourselves and, in turn, contribute to collective liberation? Through the medium of photography, I see portraiture as a powerful tool for self-reflection and an agent of social change, inviting us to look beyond the surface, challenging us to sit in discomfort, and teaching us to appreciate the complex and difficult beauty inherent in our shared humanity.

I’ve always hated pictures of myself, evading the camera's gaze and reacting with visceral criticism to any pictures of myself. This all changed when I discovered the art of portrait photography which led to an intuitive journey of self-exploration, facing what I was too afraid to see as I worked through the discomfort and pain of the self-reflection process. I’ve learned to integrate this approach in my work by providing female subjects, who are afraid of being seen, with a nonjudgmental, expansive space to feel seen, resulting in portraits that capture the complexity of emotions that encapsulate their life experiences. These portraits, when coupled with my gently guided therapeutic process, serve as powerful tools for self-reflection and liberation.

My work focuses on community-centered art projects that create social impact. My intention is to connect the experiences of marginalized individuals, who exist at the intersection of gender and race, to systems of oppressions in order to foster empathy and understanding by both the subjects and the audience. Through portraits and narrative told in their own words, the subject is given a space to feel worthy of being seen. By enabling the audience to immerse themselves in another’s story, along with prompts to facilitate self-reflection, the audience is invited to bear witness and to recognize the shared threads of our humanity. For both subject and audience, my hope is that this work can bring to light our unconscious beliefs about who matters and is worthy of being seen, thereby challenging harmful narratives that prevent us from seeing ourselves and each other as whole human beings.


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